MARCH 29th to APRIL 1st

Over one weekend, teams of filmmakers will put a film together in just 48 hours.


Kick off starts Friday, March 29th at 6:00 PM.
There the teams will be given a random genre, a character, prop and line that must be included in each film.
All films must be submitted to the organizers by Sunday March 31st by 8:00 PM.
All finalized films will be screened the following Monday, April 1st at the Film Free For All Screening event.
There the films will be judged for fabulous, freaky, and funky prizes.

Genre Requirement

At the Kickoff Event each team draws TWO genre groups from a hat.

From these groups, teams will then select two genres to mashup and make the sub-genre of their film.

Film Requirements

Each film must be no longer than 7 mins in run time (including credits) and no shorter than 30 seconds.

Copyright material is safe for use as none of these films will be used for commercial gain, but we'd suggest not using any pre-made material.

Character, Prop & Line Requirements

At the Kickoff Event we will announce a character, a prop and a line of dialogue just a few minutes before the Official Filmmaking Period begins.

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in 2018

Genre groups

Action adventure / Fantasy
Comedy / Thriller
Horror / Road trip
Romance / Dark
Disaster / Sci-fi
Buddy / Drama
Silent / period
Film Noir / Musical
Vacation / Holiday
Sports / Mystery

2018 winner:

Team cine thunder - Scare bnb

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