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About the Mingle!

The What

Comfystonefilms produces at least one locally made short film once a month. This film is made by local filmmakers in New Orleans for the people of New Orleans. The Film(s) are screened in front of a local film enthusiast crowd at the Monday Movie Mingle event.

The event is a networking meets film screening event where our goal is to bring together the film, music, and business communities of New Orleans underneath one roof to share in a common bond of film.

We are looking for more sponsors to help make this event even bigger and better than it has been in the past.

The When

The Monday Movie Mingle happens on the first Monday of every month at 7:00 PM.

The Who

Our Mingle audience ranges from 50 to 80 people of mixed backgrounds and professions. The age bracket tends to be of the younger 20s to 30s young professional demographic.


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Learn More about Being a Filmmaker

our Mission

Mission Statement

Comfystonefilms is a leading authority of content creation for the modern age. We carve a special niche in the field of video content creation on social media and the web. Our priority is to help clients effectively and efficiently define the lines of their message and brand in a visual medium that is connects to our ever changing media consumption market.

The Creative Work flow


Idea Phase

Every video project starts with an Idea. We help guide yours into an achievable production that will be sure to amaze!

Script Development

In this phase, We help formalize your idea into a script, shot list, style guideline, and procure the necessary ingredients to make it a reality!


We bring our best to every shoot possible. We provide highly trained professionals to make sure your product is stellar!

Finalized product

In the post production process, We finalize every detail! Our work blows the competition out of the water with stylized music, graphics, effects, and editing to give your video a unique look.


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